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ADVERT ON CARS.COM is young outdoor advertising media company in India which has been in business for over two years. Our work culture is young but established, and our core values of leadership, growth and success are infused into everything we do. The professionals associated with ADVERT ON CARS.COM have more than 4 years of experience in the media and entertainment business. They have held senior and critical management positions in emerging to successful brand initiatives by premier Media companies .

We just don’t do branding on Cars. We make it Perfect. that’s our passion, and we live it.

Reaching thousands of people every day, private car branding is both a high-impact and cost-effective way of promoting a brand, product or service. Ascolor WWW.ADVERTONCARS.COM flagship service offering, this unique form of outdoor moving media has proven to be an extremely cost effective way of exposing a brand or product. Our high quality, high-resolution vehicle wraps deliver excellent marketing exposure.


With each wrap project a ifferent suppliers and many different grades of vinyls from calendared to cast with durability ranging from 1 yearto ten years. Each supplier offers products to suit varying applications, including:nd every client having their own specific requirements, the correct materials need to be selected to guarantee a successful ‘wrap’. At ADVERT ON CARS.COM, we only deal with the main material manufacturers, and thoroughly test new materials before entering them onto our specified list. We currently use wrap films and high performance self-adhesive materials produced by Avery Dennis-on and 3M. There are many details.

  • Easy Remove – Either permanent or removable adhesives
  • Conform ability – High performance wrap films that will cover every contour of a vehicle
  • Printable – Materials that accept various print methods
  • Laminates – When extra protection is required, matched laminates are essential


  • The world is our oyster and our client the pearl. Out of home media or outdoor advertising agency offers great potential to make a huge impact Which in includes Movable ads,Uni poles Ads, Bridge Panels Ads. DMRC Media like : - Metro Pillars Advertising, Metro Panels Advertising, Duct Panels Advertising and many others..... Our out of home media strategic campaigns judiciously mix passive and dynamically active campaigns to extract maximum benefits. Passive media are: billboards, Outdoor Hoardings Advertising, posters, panels, bus, lamp posts and huge displays in public places. Dynamic media implements the latest in active digital signboards ads at places with maximum footfalls like malls, railway stations,airports to deliver effective and targeted message to people on the go, reaching out to thousands in a very cost effective, relevant way.


(I) Car Advertisement

(II) Outdoor Hoardings

(III) Metro Pillar Advertisement

(IV) Mobile Vans Advertisement

(V) Advertisement on Buses across India


To become No.1 in OOH media company in India..


To give complete media solution to client To give best value for money to client. Better service


Authorized company for Indian clients More than 500 vehicles are in possession to come Followed by key benefits

Key Benefit:

direct advertising ensuring right pricing, Site Duplication avoided, Target audience clearly reached, Matched locations with traffic and demography optimization.