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Whether you work in Marketing & Sales, Client Servicing, Information Technology, Creative, Media & Production or any other function within the ADVERT ON CARS.COM Group, you are working with some of the sharpest and most creative brains in the Advertising industry, supporting our customers and developing cutting-edge concepts and sustainable solutions that will change the future of society. You are part of an organization that offers opportunities for personal development trough challenging assignments, training, international experience and internal mobility – on a global scale. And you will get the chance to work with some of the strongest and most respected brands in the industry.

Our success has resulted from putting employees first, especially those working in the "value zone" where company and customer interact. To do so, we did not institute any employee satisfaction programs, undertake any massive restructurings, or pursue any major technology initiatives. Instead, we employed a number of relatively simple catalysts that produced big (and often unexpected) results and proceeded through four phases: • Trust Through Transparency: A culture of trust is created by sharing information that would make other companies cringe, and enabling employees and managers (including the CEO) to ask questions about each other.
• Inverting the Pyramid: The company wants to redefine the process to make the enabling functions and company management accountable to employees - with resulting improvement in both their effectiveness and their passion for their work.
•Recasting the Role of the CEO: We sought to transform the company into a self-governing organization by transferring the responsibility for change from the office of the CEO to the employees in the "value zone".
• Annual Conferences
• Protected Territories

The Task........

As a career in advertising ADVERT ON CARS.COM offers a unique blend of opportunities. In few other industries will you find a more eclectic group of individuals - all under one roof! The main areas of operation are client servicing, media planning, creative and research.

Our Entry requirements..

There is no fixed entry route to get into advertising.As well as qualifications, personal skills and qualities like creativity, quick thinking and business sense are very important to employers. As a graduate it’s possible to enter our requirements with any degree / Diploma, although some employers may prefer one more closely related to the industry, for example:

• advertising
• marketing.
• statistics or operational research
• communication and media studies
• business or management

Skills, interests and qualities...

To become a part of ADVERT ON CARS.COM, you will need:

• good spoken and written communication skills
•strong presentation and negotiation skills.
• confidence, tact and a persuasive manner
• good organizational and time management skills
•good people skills
•the ability to lead and motivate a team
•a willingness to work long hours, often under pressure
•a professional manner
•good business sense and the ability to work to budgets

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