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Movable Advertising is a powerful communication force and vital marketing tool helping to sell goods, services, images, and ideathrough channel of information and persuasion.It is highly visible force in the society. Today all of us receive many advertising messages daily. Now it is essential to the success of any type of business and industry. Furthermore, advertising strategies are employed more and more by non-business organization such as government, college and universities, public service groups and characteristics.It is one of the parts of the marketing and communication process. Advertising convince people to buy products. All advertising contains both information and persuasion.Today we can say advertising is a communication, marketing, public-relation, information and persuasion process. Advertising reaches us through a channel of communication referred to as a medium. It is usually aimed at a particular segment of the population - the target audience (Consumer and business).


ADVERT ON CARS.COM is growing as one of India’s Largest OOH based Advertisement Service Provider. We are in movable as well as an ATL & BTL Advertising Company that has launched Car’s / Vehicle’s Wrap Advertising Model in India, Wherein Customers (Vehicle Owner) can register their old or new cars/Vehicle under our Existing / Old Vehicle Scheme of ADVERT ON CARS. COM and Company will provide the Source of Income to the Customers (Vehicle Owner) by paying them Monthly Rental Amount & other benefits as the Scheme Participation Charges on the basis of Advertisement placed on the vehicle of the Customers (Vehicle Owner) which will help the Customers (Vehicle Owner) to get a income source for long time through which Customer can Earn Money.

We are a medium, designed to build a balance between advertisers and the public: and auto manufacturers and consumers. We have a NO IF's and BUT's offer for our public.Your car frequents the local schools and supermarkets. Imagine wherever one looks, the particular branding of your car will stand out and have a lasting impression on everyone's mind and soul. Companies realize the value of corporate awareness as being the most important aspect of their business. To ensure that their brand or logo is constantly being viewed or noticed these companies go to extraordinary lengths, and one of the most cost effective medium is considered to be mobile advertising. This is where you could come in. In simple terms where your car goes their brand goes.

How & Why we will help the Customers to Provide them the Source of Income which will help the Customers to get a income source for long time through which Customer can Earn Money and can be the part of our Business .

Company will use all the doors of Customer,s vehicles for Advertisements of our Client’s Brand / Products. We are doing Business for Development the outdoor advertisements with Clients for ads and promotions of their Brand / Products. These ads and promotions are placed as vinyl stickers on the doors of customers car/vehicles and In-return of that Company will Provide the Source of Income to the Customers by Paying them Rental Amount as the Scheme Participation Charges on the basis of Advertisement placed on the vehicle of the Customers which will help the Customers to get a income source for long time through which Customer can Earn Money and can be the part of our Business.

All old/New Private & Commercial Cars and other vehicles are acceptable.
Affordable membership charge applicable for all the customers (Vehicles owner).


As per the tie-up of Monthly Rental Plan for placing the Advertisement on the doors of the vehicle of the Customers.

As per the tie-up of ADVERT ON CARS.COM with Malls, Jeweler Showrooms, Hospitals, Hotels, Footwear Showrooms, Real State, Function Halls, Schools, Educational Institutes etc. The Registered Customers of ADVERT ON CARS.COM will get the Extra Percentage of Discount (Special Discount) rather than the other general customers & the customer who will do the Maximum Purchasing will get 4 Month Advance Rental from Company.

We will Organize the Car Rally Periodically with Advertiser as a Prime Sponsor in which Random Customers of ADVERT ON CARS.COM will get 3 Month Advance Rental whose name will come into Lucky Draw.

We will Organize State Level Programs like Dance Competition, Painting Competition, Quiz Competition, Sports Tournaments with Advertiser as a Prime Sponsor & will provide Media Coverage of those Programs.


Welcome to the business model built for your CAR by ADVERT ON CARS.COM This is a national phenomenon. And we’re really getting jazzed about this. The name carries a hint as to ADVERT ON CARS.COM.s business, but if you stopped in at our website,you might think you'd hit upon an environmentalist's statements. "Today the personal vehicle dominates the outdoor landscape more than any other time in history.... The car is king of the outdoors. The sheer physical dominance of the car coupled with the worst traffic congestion levels in history make" -- and here comes the clincher -- "the personal vehicle a natural medium for outdoor advertising." When people are stuck in their cars, what can we do? We can bring those messages, we can entertain them, we can inform them, and we can educate them -- which we think is going to be better off for all of us. The underlying concept has been done before. "Beetle Billboards" positioned ads atop Volkswagen beetles in the '70s. And other companies have placed ads on drivers' backwindshields. But thanks to thin and remarkably subtle vinyl adhesive able to wrap pre-printed images around cars' curvy lines and corners, we have taken advertising to a new, and some might say, excessive level. We know that if we consistently deliver superior and outstanding service, you’ll always come back for more. As one of the nation’s trailblazer companies, we decided long ago to set the bar for quality and dedication in our industry.